Exterior And Interior Toyota Tundra Truck 2016

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The first aura that will be felt by everyone who saw this vehicle, even if just from the photo, is Stout. Yes, Toyota Tundra 2016 are indeed very brave and masculine. It looks great as if he was a truck in the small version. This vehicle is suitable in almost any terrain.

This vehicle was first introduced to consumers at a time when the automotive exhibition event which takes place in Chicago, United States. In a show entitled Chicago Motor Sport it was deliberately being one of the highly utilized Toyota to introduce these products.

The Exterior Of The Dashing Masculine Interior Toyota Tundra Truck 2016

Present far more dashing and modern compared to its predecessors, the latest car generation 2016 dashing impression on the exterior side. Complete with the presence of a chrome front grille design, display back with a new design that looks stronger, then the existence of an integrated spoiler filled with car body, and the presence of fender are some features we will see on the outer side of the vehicle.

Further, the car also was paired with a bumper three separate parts, complete with large-sized 18-inch alloy wheels, and even then still available options alloy wheels with the larger size that can be selected by the consumer, i.e. 20-inch alloy wheels.

Entered the room of the cabin, masculine aura that modern all-around increasingly felt clear. All instruments and panels in the cabin had already been replaced with a more modern model. Toyota also looks already fix ergonomics inside, so that the passengers could sit comfortably.

Although the bongsor-bodied, we will find that the variety of audio control keys as well as the small size of the feature. Toyota Tundra 2016 is also paying attention to multimedia devices or in-car entertainment in such vehicles. The modern hi-tech device will you find such info screen with 3.5-inch size, a multimedia device with metallic accents, to the existence of 12 units for an audio system with speakers that sound like home theatre run.

Excellence On The Part Of The Machine

The vehicles are predicted would be a rival for Ford F-150 King Ranch also has an advantage on this part of his machines. Toyota is already installing a machine with three different variants, which can be chosen according to the model vehicle.

The first V6-engined variants with capacity 4.0 liters which are capable of producing manpower of 270 BHP and peak torque reached 376 NM.

The second variant using the V8 engine with a capacity of 4.6-liter has the power of 310 BHP, with a peak torque of 443 Nm.

The third variant of the latest car generation 2016 it is the 5.7 liter-capacity V8 engines which have the power of 381 BHP and has a torque of 543 Nm.

To make it can compete with American made the pick-up, Toyota Tundra makes it bigger and tougher than the previous model. That stuff is also increased with the Regular Cab, Double Cab, and Crew Max, with dimensions of different tubs. Haulage capacity and ability to attract is also greater. The choice of engines for the Tundra is 4.0 liter 1GR-FE, 4.7 liter 2UZ-FE, and the new engine that powered the big 5.7-liter 3UR-FE V8. Transmission is 5 speed and 6 speed automatic.