Review Toyota Tundra 4 x 4 Accessories Interior

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After the ‘ stuck ‘ almost six years in the global market, Toyota Tundra finally do a refresher in the 2014 model year. With its blend of cutting-edge technology, the latest safety features and updates his style ‘ tweak ‘, Toyota seems to want to assert the never give up to keep playing on the truck market in the United States. The question then is, how able to premium Toyota truck it will take over the hyper-competition stiff? Although last year, Toyota Motor Sales USA successfully sold 102,000 units of pickup or increased more than 22 percent in the sales of top sellers, still be far behind the Ford F-Series, Dodge Ram 1500, GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado.

A little looking back, display design stiff and streaked ‘ cartoonish ‘ and muscular that become the identity of the second generation of the Tundra to invisible again in 2014 model. The latest Tundra is now put forward a more modern look and stout than his predecessors. The front section raises the impression of aggressive chrome grille with a higher position. Uniquely, the design of the front and rear bumpers have been divided into three parts – this purportedly to simplify and suppress 2014 Tundra production costs.

Toyota Tundra 4 x 4 Accessories Interior

On the inside, the interior of the New Toyota Tundra 2014 looked different through the instrument panel is completely new with a more modern design. The entire interior of the material also improved, now arguably similar quality premium grade sedan’s interior, including the granting of metal accents and high-quality leather on the driver and passenger seats. Toyota also increases the value of the latest Tundra interior ergonomic, for example by shifting the position of the screen the following audio climate control closer to the driver.

2014 tundra could not lose touch of a truck, at least this is manifested through the shifter is enlarged so that easier wearing gloves while off-roading aka playing ‘ land ‘. The front seats also have now widened, so the more comfortable to travel long distances.