All New Santa Fe Dimensions 2018

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Hyundai Santa Fe introduced to the public in the city of Goyang, South Korea. According to the official release we received the Hyundai, Santa Fe New combines powerful features with an intuitive cabin rest. Santa Fe’s new design language brings the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) the latest Hyundai. The main lamp which is located at the bumper, plus a DRL is positioned over it. Grille called Cascading Grille, become the dominant look on his part.

Character highlighted an SUV through the hefty stature thanks to fender width as well as a firm body line on the side. The part behind it still describes the design as it exists now, it looks thicker. But the dent in the door of the baggage of more modern and sporty with new lamp order plus a sporty bumper.

Santa Fe Dimensions New 2018

In 2018, the Santa Fe dimension also enlarged with increased length of 70 mm by 4,770 mm. In breadth also turned away from 1,639 mm by 1,890 mm. And more importantly similar wheelbase 65 mm to 2,765 mm. this last Thing that makes Hyundai designers freely define the relief’s cabin.

Hyundai claims this SUV, cabins have functionality related to design. Layout horizontally is claimed to give relief to the front of the field of view. But the weakness of Santa Fe, a point of view to the rear which seemed mediocre, now improved with larger rear glass.

The one that they emphasize comfort, second and third-row passengers. Santa Fe has a second line of leg 38 mm longer than the previous one. The position of Chair is also higher so that the field of view to the front. To access the third row, there is a button that instantly folding chairs to pave the way. Headroom in this section is also expanded, so no need to worry ceiling.

Because of the cabin this relief and the most expensive car in the lineup, then Hyundai SUV. Starting from the drive information appear in a heads-up display that bounces on the windshield, driver’s premium audio with great connectivity capabilities, until the wireless gadget charging capabilities.

Machine New All New Santa Fe 2018

Originally, Hyundai provides a choice of four petrol engines and two turbo diesels. We are not discussing everything but more specific to machines the most likely entry into Indonesia. Both 2.4 MPI (petrol) and tempting, R 2.2 turbo diesel.

The second machine was installed at the Santa Fe which is still marketed by Hyundai Car Indonesia. Santa Fe 2.4 MPI having 176 PS with torque 226 Nm. While Santa Fe R 2.2 had a power of up to 197 PS with torque 436 Nm. An engine that last successful past performance of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport which had 180 PS and 429 Nm.

The transmission used a new Santa Fe, now has an 8-speed automatic, with a displacement drive system AWD (All Wheel Drive) has named HTR AC. This is a new innovation in their development, power and torque can be distributed according to the needs of each wheel. With HTR AC, traction wheel could be guaranteed, whatever the terrain.