Advantages And Disadvantages Of Panoramic Sunroof Car


Panoramic Sunroof car is a panel on the roof of the car made of glass or transparent plates that can be opening and closing as you wish. The sunroof can help air circulation in the cabin of the car.

At the beginning of his appearance, the sunroof into the additional features for the cars marketed in countries which have 4 seasons. So car owners can enjoy the atmosphere of spring or autumn with the open sunroof of the car.

Some workshop modification can do modifications on the car roof mounting device for the purposes of the sunroof on cars that don’t yet have the facilities of the sunroof and want to set it up.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the sunroof on my car?

Disadvantages Panoramic Sunroof Car

  • When you buy a new car sunroof air-maybe you’d love to open the lid a few times until you get tired and forget if the car you are using has a sunroof.
  • Use of the sunroof may be very rarely utilized particularly in Indonesia. When the rainy season is, of course, impossible opening sunroof, while hot weather better turns the ac off on hope wind gusts from the roof. When the weather is sunny and friendly may be the right time to capitalize on the sunroof
  • Sunroof device adds weight cars that will have an effect on fuel consumption. A set can have sunroof weighs up to 25-35 kg could be even more severe for vehicles SUV. classmates
  • The possibility of leaks on the bulkhead that can lead to seepage water enters into the cabin when heavy rain or when the process of car washes.
  • Just as the car door, window, and sunroof also have parts made of rubber that need attention and care which means adding the part to be cleaned at a car (adds TODO). Because if not treated, a mechanical device is an open-close the sunroof could be bogged down by it, it needs to be in the opening and closing the sunroof at least once a month.
  • Sunroof including expensive devices that are installed on the car so the price the car with the sunroof for sale more expensive than cars without the sunroof. To modify the car without sunroof fitted want to, need cost at least 10 million for the cost of installation of a sunroof.

Advantages Panoramic Sunroof Car

  • Enhance the look of the car became more elegant. Can not be denied, the sunroof makes the car look more luxurious and special.
  • Gets the view that is more diverse and free so you can enjoy a beautiful view when walking in sunny weather on a day or night.
  • Can enjoy free air coming into the cabin without having to bother with the usual noise arises if open the side window glass.
  • In certain circumstances, such as when the March you can take advantage of the open sunroof withstand removing the head to look around while waving a hand.

To maximize and maintain performance sunroof to stay primed then need attention and care so that the sunroof can work properly.

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