Interior Hyundai Tucson 2018 Best Car

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As the car for the segment of the middle class, of course, this Hyundai Tucson will provide the design and specification of the various features of reliable and complete. It appears clearly on the exterior design in which Hyundai Tucson is indeed designed with fancy designs and elegant. Braga car SUV that has a great body has a unique model of the car body, Neutrik, and with the stripes of the soft body but impressed gives firmness.

This Hyundai Tucson will be fed the machine type NU 2.0 MPI with capacity reach 1,999 ccs With the machine power., surely Hyundai Tucson will provide a reliable engine performance for an SUV. On the other hand, this Hyundai Tucson also would come with a wide range of high-tech features that are ready to provide safety, comfort and maximum security to the passengers.

Hyundai Tucson uses a different design on the city lights are purposely made similar to the eyebrows using LED lights, which have the function adds to the quality of the light is brighter. Not to miss, to further facilitate the driver running in the misty conditions, Tucson complete with Fog Lamp complete along the DRL LEDs now is the trend among new SUV cars.

Interior Hyundai Tucson 2018

When entered on its interior cabin space then sectors of this Hyundai Tucson specifications seem spacious. In addition, the cabin room is equipped also with interesting features that are ready to provide convenience to its passengers. Starting from the dashboard designed so elegant and attractive sector where central dashboard looks look a multimedia unit mono Head Unit LCD Monitor with integrated radio and CD where the touchscreen has an area of up to 8 inches equipped with entertainment features of CD, DVD, radio, GPS, Mp3 and Bluetooth so that will entertain the driver and passengers. The features that are available are also quite modern, with fluffy leather seats are increasingly adding to the impression of luxury and atmosphere of the airy cabin. This inevitably getting added comfort in driving.

On the other hand, a car that has a capacity of 7 people it has design upholstery that is so endearing. Because this Hyundai Tucson uses the skin where the upholstery sector 2 has implemented a system Row Folding Seat and Luggage Compartment that will facilitate passengers to fold the seat upholstery to sector 2. Meanwhile, on the inside rear-view mirror, fitted Rear-View Camera of 4.3 inches that will give ease at the time of the vehicle doing the parking.