Hyundai Santa Fe Review 3rd Row 2016

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Hyundai Santa Fe SUV vehicle is produced by Hyundai since the early 2000 ‘s and became the flagship of Hyundai products in this market segment. Stats helper monkeys get criticism because its design is less interesting, the Hyundai Santa Fe remains became a prima donna of the class SUV from Hyundai. In 2016m Hyundai introducing the latest facelift of the Santa Fe doubling can appear more sporty and dynamic as compared to the previous version. Check out the review of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2016 Indonesia.

Hyundai Santa Fe 3rd Row

Perform with better form, the Hyundai Santa Fe gets pretty good reception of automotive lovers in Indonesia. Updates on the front of the car make it very much more like one of a pretty SUV car. Comes with a price that is affordable enough, Santa Fe could be the alternative vehicles in the SUV market segments in Indonesia. If You intend to buy this car, it doesn’t hurt to read a little review of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2016 following Indonesia.

Hyundai Santa Fe Exterior 2016

• Design Look More fierce

Hyundai Santa Fe 2016 Indonesia appear more dynamic by design facelift was launched in the year 2016. The design of the front part of the body and also the car is arguably very fierce and adapt to market segments that are trying to enter by car.

• The design of the front

On the front of the grill section, transverse to the color silver make this car feels like a European luxury car. The design of the lights and the hood very fused car it looks very dynamic overall.

• The design of the side

From the side, the car is pretty sporty side shows him with grooves along the body of the car. With large dimensions and designs are very fierce, it is not wrong when Santa Fe car is referred to as SUVs with the best design.

• The design of the rear

At the rear, there is a rear spoiler and rear bumper guard for also denotes a sporty side of this car.

Hyundai Santa Fe Interior 2016

Cabin space is relieved and Comfortable

Car cabin space this vast Santa so can be freeing for passengers to move around in this car. For the use of material interior largely using material soft touch with good build quality. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the interior provided by Hyundai Santa Fe.

Part design dashboard

The dashboard design was quite futuristic with a model that mimics a la European and American-made SUV.

Design of steering parts

Car steering wheel is quite simple using a little touch of chrome. On the left, there is the audio settings for steering switch and also the cruise control from this car.

Design chair

Hyundai Santa Fe seat 2016 Indonesia is quite ergonomically good for the driver as well as in the second line. Overall, the space in the car is quite tasty except in the rear row of seats are not designed for adults.

Baggage room

Car luggage room is very spacious and can hold a lot of your standard stuff when you need a larger space, you can fold the seat in the last row.