The Design Of The Hyundai Santa Fe Interior And Exterior


Hyundai really presents a revolutionary new touch on a Hyundai Santa Fe. Hyundai’s flagship SUV this car brings the new machine. Unmitigated, Hyundai is offering two new engines unit infused on Hyundai Santa Fe this latest version. The first machine type is MPI D-CVVT engine has a capacity of 2.4 liters. Then, type Hyundai Santa Fe the second carrying the engine R 2.2 VGT High Output Turbocharged diesel engine capacity 2.2 liters. The presence of two variants of this engine option certainly would make it easier for prospective purchasers to determine which type would he choose. If you want an SUV powered car and save money, a choice no doubt falls on Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 liter Diesel.

But if you want to feel the smooth acceleration of a car body great, you could opt for Santa Fe 2.4 liter petrol-engined. You do not have to doubt the performance of both types of Hyundai Santa Fe. Although different machine base, both types of All-New Santa Fe it certainly will give a performance of awesome ready to bulldoze all terrain.

Hyundai Santa Fe interior

Enter the interior, specification Hyundai Santa Fe offers full comfort for the driver or passenger when I travel. Because in this car features Dual Zone AIR CONDITIONING with Climate Control that provides coolness in the cabin to its full potential. In front of Hyundai Santa Fe ever there are some panels that are very useful to provide entertainment or to facilitate the driver while driving. One is a panel of the Head Unit has a sporty design which can be set by the driver or passenger front part. Don’t forget, the Hyundai Santa Fe are also provided with Panoramic Sunroof feature found on the part of its roof. Hyundai Santa Fe car is thus giving maximum comfort while in transit. So, in addition to having the exterior design and stylish, specification Hyundai Santa Fe in the interior also could not escape the touch of luxury combined with the use of advanced technology.

Hyundai Santa Fe Exterior

Dashing, elegant and stylish. That is the impression that is presented by the specification of the Hyundai Santa Fe in the exterior part. The masculine impression is really highlighted by the flagship SUV Hyundai. All New Santa Fe performing with the design of a more visible face a very generation ever. Both lights Hyundai Santa Fe 2015 version looks more ‘ wild ‘ with a taper angle widens to the back side. Luxurious accents also presented by a new generation of Santa Fe over the chrome-colored front grille which consists of three levels. While the fog lamp belongs to the Hyundai Santa Fe is sitting sweetly on the lower end close down grille. Although it looks simple, the look of the new Santa Fe is capable of building an aura of macho wrapped with luxury. This becomes interesting because it usually only accentuates the impression of SUV his gallant course with a bit of a forgotten luxury side. Move to the side, the Hyundai Santa Fe also appeared an aura of superiorly.

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