Exterior And Interior Hyundai Santa Fe 3rd Row


Before starting, please “preview” said understand on Hyundai Santa Fe article this time. Because it still hasn’t been launched and Hyundai Indonesia still plans to change the spec Santa Fe facelift 2016 Indonesia version, so the car you see here is not final to be thrown on the market.

The plan, one that would be replaced as the head unit with an eagle eye view as in Santa Fe D-Spec.

Hyundai Santa Fe 3rd Row


From the generation that emerged, it was Santa Fe’s really mature and wisely designed, fitting in style SUV or crossover. Changes of the Santa Fe pre-facelift and facelift is actually a little bit in terms of the exterior, but the result was pas. We understand, because Santa Fe standard design is handsome, so it doesn’t take much effort to defend his performance. If the wrong prescription, even falls so tacky and ugly.

For example, the version of the facelift is given a new bumper design that makes both sides impressed foglamp fused by a black line in the middle of that thin. Compared to Santa Fe that still exists today, Santa Fe facelift already has cornering light will illuminate the side left or right depending on which way the car steering wheel is deflected, as in the Nissan Teana 230JS V6. In addition, there are also front bumper 4 point parking sensors which can be turned off if you feel the sound in the cabin.

Hexagonal grilles now have the chrome bar with 3-dimensional effect conferring design, but the number of his chrome fitting, not so overcome like the Pajero Sport above for example. The layout section in the headlamp also rearranged, although reserved features headlights he arguably fair.

The side of this car nothing has changed aside from his rims, which is now grayed out with a size of 19 inches, aka the equivalent Mazda CX-5 GT. Ban using the brand one country, namely, Nexen, and absolutely no one could tell reserved side Hyundai Santa Fe facelift. Most if it sees to the roof, looks if the roof rail and panoramic sunroof its flagship from the beginning is retained.


There is no drastic change in design, with the scent of fluidic sculpture ala Hyundai greets when first opened its doors. The good news, we could finally meet quality and expensive materials that make up the dashboard and door trim.

Don’t expect quality materials rations if it only belongs to the front passenger, because rear passengers get door trim takes part with the same material.
The buttons on the steering wheel could be to set up the audio, cruise control, and MID. New in Santa Fe this is driving mode selector to choose between Eco mode, Normal, and Sport. Moving slightly upwards, panoramic glass roof slab of meet your sunroof standard Santa Fe can give an impression of relief when the lid is opened, and the front sunroof can be opened if you need to. AIR CONDITIONING his already dual-zone climate control with the digital screen, no doubt.

Don’t get too used to complain if listening photo head unit that feels long under, because Hyundai to replace it with a somewhat better. One thing is certain, the Eagle Eye View as in Santa Fe D-Spec would pin later.

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