Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 Interior And Kitchen Runway


A car that has been awarded this worth to PAL have, with some advantages he brought the car, Hyundai car SUV segment which brought on his car was carrying the title of the best predicate one of Autocar with category best technology and autobild in the year 2004. the spirit we know SUV car is a car that can run on the line off road aka uneven then should Indonesia is padded for the market segment of this car.

Has a great body and sturdy it felt had enough describe this car, the Hyundai Santa Fe itself has a serious competitor in terms of SUV cars including Honda CR-V, Toyota Fortuner, Kia Sorento, Hyundai and even from the sender which has been issuing new cars alike Car SUV concept i.e. Hyundai Tucson. When compared with its competitors then Hyundai is lost in terms of marketing, and we would rarely meet Hyundai Santa Fe crossing.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 Interior

On the interior the Kampong buddy feels very loose and comfortable, the use of the plastic element used also feels rather than cheap plastic and feels hard, arrangement of panels on the dashboard feels very neat and Nice, the driver’s seat the easy set up is the same as with the Steering be facilitated selection mode with multiple settings, digital AC Panel also already exists there is another thing that makes us impressed with this car i.e. panoramic seemed to make the car feels very comfortable.

Support a good sized suspension, making Hyundai Santa Fe has a high enough balance level, as well as being able to perform vibrating attenuation due to the bumpy streets, as well as the engine For its own suspension this car uses suspension type McPherson Strut at the front while on suspension of the rear suspension uses a Real Multi-Link types that sustained kinds of BASS, while braking to his fans while for own use his fans brake discs and Ventilated side panels Solid Discs in the rear.

The Kitchen Runway

On a Hyundai Santa Fe engine is distinguished into two, on the choice of petrol engines use a type of Theta II 2.4 MPI with D-CVVT technology combined with Aspirated Intake systems Naturally fuel supply by using Multi-point injection, as well as using 10.5 compression so that it is able to generate enormous power i.e. reached 176 PS at 6000 RPM engine rotation ratio. as for the torque generated reached 23.1 kg at 3,750 rpm.

Next to the diesel engine version makes the solar chart as the primary fuel, in equipped with the CRDi VGT-type machine, with maximum power capability reached 197 ps at 3,800 rpm, while torque reached 43.0 kg 2500rpm machine on your lap. Hyundai Santa Fe had megadose Common Rail fuel system System and Turbo Charger technology (E-VGT) so engine performance resulting from diesel fuel is not inferior to the performance of the gasoline engine only.


In the section of the dashboard, the Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 Indonesia has enough multimedia panel qualified to meet the needs of infotainment as play music through both digital and analog devices to enable rear parking sensors embedded in the back of the body.

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