How To Replace Car Door Handles And Installed Correctly


Because it is often used to open and close the door, then it is natural if it is on a car door handles either side front or rear door was broken, whether it’s broken or damaged car door handle so we need to be replaced with the handle the new.

To replace the handle/hilt car front side door openings katana is not as difficult as imagined, but enough to provide equipment of which a screwdriver plus and minus screwdriver, too.

How To Replace Car Door Handles and Installed

The trick is pretty easy to please follow the steps below:

  • Open the couplers on the door of the car, after the couplers are all open, please removed carefully.
  • After that raise the glass doors to the top so that the bolt hook door handles can be reached by our hands.
  • Then open the 2 bolts that lock the door handles by using a key size of 10.
  • Off the parts of them from the outside and from the inside, we recommend that you ask for the help of a friend to help take them off, sometimes need a little Dickel from the inside while being pulled from the outside. But can also be done with the way the left hand holding the minus screwdriver to adjust the handle out of the right hand while pulling the handle from outside.
  • Once it finishes off the 1 hole connecting the handle with wire hook to open the door inside, then please install the new handle from the outside, and then the bolt back.
  • Complete.

3 How to fix a door handle hard opened

  • The components of the handle is broken, if there is damage on the door handle as it breaks out, then obviously it will make towing hooks are connected to the handle to the body of the car could not open and in the upper part of the image you can see it in the form of hooks, wire transverse length attached to the handle. According to my experience that with the door handle in the damaged area. then hard also opened to the outside of the door. then the other way you have to replace the handle broke.
  • Less Lubricant, in-car door components many hooks were connected and common to many age-old cars that are blemished, and with blemished on the part is usually the door is difficult to open. a step you do is to open the door by way of section remove all bolts at the door. Then Kumasi on component parts of the doors by using stamping.
  • Crooked wire-pullers, parts of the towing wire start straight caused the age that is already used, the longer the wire that has begun with the straight, then we have to bend over again so that the attractiveness of the door handle could be maximized again. do I like giving stamped, i.e. the need to open the door from the inside of the cover and remove the panel hooks on the handle in and other parts that are connected to the wire.
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