How to Fix a Slow Leak in a Tire at the Car Easily

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The car is a vehicle that is used to support the activity. Of course, some damage can occur when being ridden. One of the usual damage happen is the leaking car tire. In major cities ban leaked it often happens, if leaked, then almost certainly the manner of persons on the streets. Required how to fix a slow leak in a tire that is right.

Indeed the problem of the leaky tire is indeed very difficult for the riders of motor vehicles, especially cars. The middle of the trip, all of a sudden flat tire because of the exposed nail or pointed such. We need to replace the tires with tires leaking over and bring to the workshop for the fix. See how to fix a slow leak in a car tire here.

How to Fix a Slow Leak in a Tire

The first thing to do if a car tire leak is looking for a safe place to stop. This is intended so that the rider can replace damaged tires safely. After being pulled over, don’t forget car keys let me secure. Then take the spare tire, jack, and tire key in the trunk or the back of the car. By using the key ban, the driver can first loosen bolts on tires.

It was intended to when the car was already removed by the jack, a tire can be easily released. It doesn’t matter the jack position don’t get mistaken for installing and tightening the bolts, should be done on crosses. The technique is performed each tire can be attached tightly and evenly. If the tire is mounted properly and correctly, the driver can take care of damaged tires and equipment into the car trunk.