How To Add Roof Rack To Car Are Good and True


Roof rack or store goods on the roof of the car the more popular varieties, besides as an alternative in bringing goods safe and comfortable is also widely used as accessories to add a tough impression on the car.

The roof rack is generally made of iron, aluminum, and plastic. Roof rack that iron is generally worn on the characteristic offroad cars (SUV) with the ability to carry a high (power good), while for a lot of MPV cars use more aluminum from roof rack Lightweight so as not to overload the car itself, the type of cars for city car most wear roof rack with aluminum or plastic.

How To Add Roof Rack To Car

Currently, there are two types of accessory used to put stuff on top of the car.

Roof Rack

The shape is just some iron rods that are about to the roof of the car.

Roof Box

This box-shaped accessory is made from lightweight, yet strong material. Luggage can be stored easily in it.

Following the criteria of a good box roof and in accordance with the maximum load of the car:

  • The selection of roof box can be adjusted to the number of passengers who often join the drive in the car. As for example for cars
  • Honda CR-V aqtau Nissan X-Trail with haulage 5-6 passengers simply use the roof boxes with a capacity of 300 liters. It has given the burden of backup for 6 bags of fitness and a seven-inch-sized cargo. For the car, 7-seaters can choose 400-liter capacity roof bok.
  • Choose the roof box made of plastic materials ABS, this material in addition to strong water resistant. Does it weigh can range from 10-15 kilograms?
  • Make sure that the roof box is selected already has a layer of anti-Ultra Violet rays so that its surface is not easy to dry and chapped.
  • For cars that do not have roof rail like the sedan, the estimate also regarding the weight of the crossbar and make sure the Setup is attached to the roof of the car in, do not get there are openings that can make the rain come in.
  • For the cars category LCGC as Datsun Go + Agya, Toyota, Honda Brio, Karimun Wagon-R and Daihatsu Ayla, should not impose installing roof box because with the empty weight of only 1,000 kg of its roof box would be very risky affect the level of safety.
  • As the solution of placing on the roof of the car could be using the crossbar universal.
  • The placing of goods on the roof box should be selected with a lightweight, such as a bag of clothes, paper documents and so on.

Well, this should be consulted roof rack installation on the official car repair shop to see if the car could be mounted roof rack custom or not, usually, for cheap cars car roofs tend to be less strong that quite risky when hooked up roof rack.

Roof rack mounted on the car must be qualified able to survive at a speed of 140 to 160 km/h, while the load is recommended for transporting goods

Proper mounting of the roof rack must comply with the car if it’s on their roof rail roof rail, read the manual to how the maximum load that can be loaded by roof rail so will see you later how the weight of the goods on the roof rack + allow, if no roof rail It’s good automotive lovers ask the dealer how much maximum load if mounted roof rack and is it mounted roof rack custom.

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