2007-2013 R20A2 Honda CR V Transmission Fluid Type

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Regular maintenance is very important to the durability and toughness of Honda CR-V car. Regular maintenance is also impacting the lower maintenance and repair costs of the Honda CR-V car. Honda CR V transmission fluid type always sides by side with the machining.

It is one thing that is not with because it is a fundamental usability on the oil is as a lubricant when occurring friction between components or another machine. For Lubrication or lubricant oil is also used in the transmission that often we know two types.

Honda CR V Transmission Fluid Type

The transmission that often we know two types namely transmission oil manual transmission and automatic, the use of oil is not the same. Manual transmission oil is able to use up to 10,000 km, in the State of the roads is not jammed or every six months. Whereas, in particular, should automatic oil changed every 20,000 km multiples.

It turns out that there is a difference in function between oil manual transmission with automatic transmission oil though in the name is the transmission oil. On the manual transmission oil serves only as a lubricant that smooth the workings of the components of the engine only, while in an automatic transmission, in addition to working as a lubricant, fuel oil and also serves as a conductor in the automatic gearshift mechanism.

With code R20A2 engine, Honda CR-V car 2007-2013, you can use the Transaxle, Automatic. Do not let the oil replacement period of late, could result in damage to the device. Including the error enter a type of oil on a device that is not appropriate also result in quick error component of the car.