Dashboard Lights Car, For The Sake Of Your Salvation On Its Own


According to the survey that ever held in the United Kingdom, 98% of car drivers were confused or don’t understand with symbols that are on the dashboard of a car of their own. If you own, what you understand by these symbols?

12 Dashboard Lights Car

Check Engine

There is a sensor which would examine if there was something wrong with the mobile. Maybe not something fatal, but it’s good you immediately check out your car to the nearest repair shop.

Water Temperature Warning

Logo of the pillar with the letter E that seems to be over the ocean it means the temperature of the engine or radiator is too high. Better you immediately pulled over in the shade, as soon as possible, because the machine is at risk of overheating.

Low Oil Pressure Warning

This is not an indicator if the time of afternoon tea mu has come, but indicates the actual pressure oil if mobile is too low. If you keep on forcing mobile drove on the road, long the machine can be broken, because the lubricant for piston mobile began to disappear.

Battery Charge Warning

The indicator that is similar to the lego brick create a mathematics teacher is not that there is a problem with the Battery (Accu) car, but the car’s electrical system, the cause can be various, ranging from a dead alternator until too much electricity used in at one time.

Parking Brake Indicator

If there are two versions. There are exclamation marks in the shape resemble ping or FUEL can also letter P. When this indicator is lit, the handbrake mu yet ye leptin. So don’t be confused if not mobile the streets but already you gas pol.

Antilock Brake System Warning

There is a sensor in the system anti brakes locked don’t go well. Antilock braking system or anti-brake system was locked car braking system so that doesn’t happen to lock the wheel when there are sudden braking/hard.

The Low Windshield Washer Fluid Indicator

If a logo that resembles a shower out of the funnel, it means the front window wiper fluid for mobile in a State of lack.

High Beam Indicator

Its shape is similar to the bullet is fired this means lights away they are turned on. Use these lights if you’re in a place that is quiet and dark, and there was not another car ahead.

Low Tire Pressure Warning

Yet all the cars in Indonesia have this indicator. When this indicator is lit, it means that one of the mobile low tire pressure. But don’t wait for this indicator is lit, Yes, check your new tires.

Fog Lights Indicator

This indicator lights much resemblance but accompanied the line snaking vertically and downward. When this indicator is lit, it means that you are using the fog lamps.

Power Steering Warning

If this indicator turns on, it means there is a problem with the system power steering me. Steering wheel mobile can still function.

Traction Control Indicator

As a symbol, if these lights a flame, it means mobile traction control problem. The car would really hard be controlled and snake, same charge indicators will kayak. Really dangerous!

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