Car Exterior Lights T10 Sein X-tremeUltinon LED


To drive safely and modern, the switch to light the twilight interior  LED T10 & Philips X-trimeUltinon. This lamp is very powerful, precision, and looks nice so you can drive safely and in style. The ceramic material makes sure heat resistant.

Car Exterior Lights Stylish with Sein X-tremeUltinon LED

The headlights Sein LED a strong, durable, and clear

  • Led-T10 [~ W5W]
  • The number of bulbs: 2
  • 12 V, 6000 K light effect
  • Performance CeraLight

Show your direction with exterior lights brighter

Tells your vehicle’s movement direction is important for safety. To avoid collisions, other people need to know what you would do. And when bad weather conditions reduce the views, the need for a clear and strong Sein becomes more important. The headlights Sein LED Philips X-tremeUltinon gives you the bright afternoon light effects and up to 6000 K to 8000 K back and lights for the lights of the city. With a lighter color for the application turn and stop, directly at the LEDs and lights that are uniform and directional well, you would give other drivers extra time to react to Your movements.

Heat and vibration protection ceramic straight

Technology straight Philips is made from unique ceramic casings that have been patented, is designed to protect the LED components from damage due to heat and vibration. This innovation to protect the lamp from the early damage. T10 bulb, equipped with straight, is created in order to be durable, providing a more durable lamp driver.

Automotive lamp Philips with the level of the highest quality hi-tech

Philips Lamps are popular in the automotive industry and has been known for over 100 years. Philips products with quality Automotive Grade designed and developed following a rigorous quality control process (including the applicable ISO norms), consistently generates high production standards. The big car manufacturers choose lamp Philips because if you buy Philips, you are buying quality. You get bright light performance and precision light beam. You get the style class. And you get a sophisticated LED lighting system for driving with more secure, smooth, and fun.

LED lights are long-lasting and durable

You want a bright car light and style. But constantly replace broken light is also very inconvenient. This is a major weakness of conventional headlights; the stronger the light is, the shorter the life. In the same light, the intensity of the LEDs lasts longer. The Philips LED lights and X-tremeUltinon are very durable. Thanks to the latest technological innovations, damage from heat and vibration can be prevented and last up to 12 years. While most of the cars are already replacing and updating her in a new light, Your style will last along with your car.

A uniform light distribution for a better view

The Philips LED lights lined the exterior designed for more intelligent light distribution to make sure the headlights Sein exterior emitted when you need it (when he retired, quit, or turn). With a uniform light diffusion and wide angles, not only you can see it better on the road, other drivers also can better see you.

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