Car Accessories Seat Covers You Should Know


The car is a vehicle that best comfort and safest version of some of the people in the age of now. In addition to not need the heat and exposed to rain, the car can also be used as a place of lean, listening to music, watching movies and videos, even breakfast and dress up can be done in the car. Things useful and efficient that is what makes the car difficult in agent by various kinds of other personal vehicles.

One of the factors the convenience and safety of a car for their riders, depending also on the cradle or car seat. Why is this so? Because convenience while driving will make the driver’s concentration and focus be not interrupted. For example, a car seat that does not have a seat belt or have seat belts are broken and loose. So if riders see police officers from a distance are conducting a routine operation against the vehicle on the road, the driver will be very nervous it might even get ready cap gas in order not to be dismissed by the police. Dangerous right?

That’s why the selection of the interior of the car, such as a Chair or seat becomes crucial. Some things that could be suggested when choosing a car seat is; Choose the correct car seats are made of heat-resistant and elastic. This is so that the fibers on the car seats are not easily broken or importation of animals such as ants, cockroaches and so on. The second is, don’t be tempted to bargain price. Quality is number one.

Car Accessories Seat Covers

Booster Seats

The seat is suitable for children aged 3 years to 12 years with a weight of about 15 kg up to 36 kg. This Chair has a type that has a backrest and has no backrest. This Chair is designed to elevate the child so that the lap belt and the fitting are on the shoulder of the child. You need to know that this type of Chair works only for cars that have seat belt shoulder. Generally on the back of only facilitated belt waist, therefore to outsmart him you need to move the booster seat forward or attach the shoulder seat belt on your car.

Convertible Chair

This type of adjustable seats used two directions where to forward-facing or rear-facing in accordance with your needs and your comfort. So this seat was dubbed with the seat 3 in 1.

To get a comfortable sitting position to note a few things about car seat Setup.

  • First, set the seat to the front or rear, adjust your sitting position most comfortable to get enough room to be able to move freely when there are on the road.
  • Second, Setup swept across the pitch by moving to the back with the back slightly so that the free position swept across. This you can do when you start work in an upright sitting position. Don’t forget the seat back locks up full.
  • Setup inclined to the rear pads. High low Chair pads can be set to prop up to make it more comfortable passenger’s head.
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