Best Car Interior In The Year 2018


One part that is often a consideration for people when buying a car that is in its interior. Yes indeed it cannot be denied convenient or whether a car can be judged from interior design, certainly a comfort will be felt when the interior of the car is packed with stylish design and use of high quality material.

And talk about the best car interiors, car manufacturers have any strategies or innovations in presenting a car with an interior design that is able to provide comfort for the driver and passengers. And convenient to say, everyone had a benchmark in assessing each comfortable or whether the car’s interior.

The Best Car Interior

If you want to know more details what car has the best interior design, you can see it below.

The Interior Of The Car Is The Audi TTS

Best car interior design version of the Wards Auto IE hold first by Audi TTS. Where is the audio manufacturer presents this car with a very compact design but has the look of a sport coupe which at dashboard there is a climate control buttons and knobs are placed with the place efficiently. In addition to section dashboard, other judgments make this car into a car that has the best interior in seating design that has a bucket seat that has been coated with leather red stitching quality express diamonds.

Car Interior BMW 7 series

The car has the best interior that is still on hold by car output from Germany that is the BMW 7 series. Where the manufacturer BMW presents this luxury car with an interior design that combines a digital entertainment system that is ready to provide passengers and the driver was in the car the feel of high comfort. In addition to having a nice interior design, making Wards Auto choose this car into a car that has the best interior i.e. the existence of a complete feature that has been provided with advanced technologies including climate control, iDrive System and climate control. While for the flagship feature in Cars BMW 7 series i.e. upholstery that is capable of massaging the occupants in a design that is able to provide comfort for those who possess it.

Cadillac Car Interior XT5

In addition to the two German car, a car that has the third best interior i.e. Cadillac XT5. It comes with luxury car interiors that use quality materials or number one. As for the luxury material carried by the car which were velvety microsuede headliner semi-Aniline leather, Maple Sugar, Rosewood trim and rich metallic brightwork.

As for the flagship features offered by this car like a head-up display as well as panoramic Ultraview sunroof, rear camera and connectivity without limits connected with Cadillac’s User Experience.

Chevrolet Camaro Car Interior

The next best car interiors according to Wards Auto IE Chevrolet Camaro, where this car was presented with the interior design combines luxury materials with sporty coupe design. In addition on a mix of colors between the ith upholstery door panels a luxurious accent makes the inside of the car feels very classy. And pulled it again on the interior of the car is at the steering wheel the temperature warmed up and chill.