Best Car Interior Cleaner

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If you are as proud of your car as most people are, then its care and upkeep are very important to you. Taking proper care of a vehicle when it’s still new, or even when it’s a well-preserved used car, will hugely extend that condition for years to come. It’s much easier to maintain a clean vehicle than it is to become involved with restoration.

The Interior takes a bit of wear and tear, what with passengers, Luggage, kids, shopping, and the remains of the drive-through meals, so both carpet and upholstery cleaner is a very valuable tool to keep in it as well as the outside. What armor all carpet and upholstery spray foam spray which penetrates into the pile of the carpet and upholstery fabric. After the foam settles to the material, it can just be removed, take the dirt with it.

Car Interior Cleaner

Because a regular three-step clean and wax job is neither necessary at frequent intervals, nor convenient, given the time it takes to apply and rub off three complete coats of formula—a product like Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash and Wax is a great way to wash the vehicle and refresh the wax job you so painstakingly applied. Along with the detergent, this formulation applies carnauba wax and a synthetic polymer which allows molecular cross-linking to the clear coat, thereby providing more protection from the elements.

Another Mothers product, California Gold Detailing Spray, is something you can use to keep the car looking clean even after it has become slightly dusty. You just spray the stuff on and wipe it off with a soft cloth, and the car is restored to a just-washed appearance.

Nearly every car cleaner manufacturer offers a glass cleaner to get those windows crystal clear, but many come in aerosol form with all kinds of petrochemical propellants, and while they may have a slight edge on normal old household glass cleaner, we think there isn’t much wrong with Windex, if you can stand the smell.

Meguiar’s also offers Bug Splatter Sponges in boxes of five that make the removal of those baked-on, caked-on insect splats easy to remove before you start to wash your car. Everyone knows how tenacious that stuff is; even a blast from a high-pressure cleaner nozzle sometimes won’t shift them.