Best Car Interior Accessories That Are Important For Your Car


In the car is indeed should not put too much unnecessary stuff. However, there are a few things to its car accessories, which should be with you when driving. These things will help comfort and safety during the drive, as well as make you look familiar, comfortable, and makes the car, not the driver ‘ hippy ‘ a pair of everything in the car.

To be aware of is, where You put them, and do not even turn harm motorists and passengers. The following is a list of accessories that should exist in the car, especially to support long distance ride.

Best Car Interior Accessories

Global Positioning System (GPS)

The car is now indeed many who already have GPS-based navigation features that are usually built into the head unit. Or you have a navigation-enabled mobile phone? But if your car has features like these, it’s good to hit the shops. GPS devices like Garmin, Tomtom, etc. enough precision in the show the direction and position. Unlike GPS in mobile, this tool does not use cellular operator pulse.

Car Camera

No, not the camera backward. This tool serves as a camera monitor to know conditions around the car, especially when the car left, and mounted in the cabin facing out. Or it could be installed to monitor the cabin atmosphere. Typically, each car camera equipped with G-Sensor, then the camera will directly active record. The point is to be evidence in the event of something by car, while the owner is absent.

Monitor Screen

For accessories, we highly recommend to put it on the back. In addition to maintaining the concentration of riders, can also make rear passengers, especially children, to be able to sit quietly watching their favorite movie or event. Its shape can be a large screen on the ceiling or tv headrest.

Fire Department

Need not be large as you normally meet in buildings, simply canned extinguishing the form, which you can find in the shops, car and household accessories. This is useful for objects (of course) put out the fire in the car. Because the shape is also compact, certainly don’t expect a big fire could be extinguished, but at least you can react it used to dampen the spread of fire.

Tray Table

This is a folding table that is usually hung on the back of the front seats, for use by passengers back. Its uses range from dining to the pedestal. When not in use, the table can be folded so that not eating places. Some MPV such as a Nissan Serena Highway Star already completed it with a table like this. If your car does not exist, many of which sell it.


Not for the event, but rather a place to organize things in their cars. harris The organizer has a variety of forms, from thin to be mounted on the sun visor and usually only to save the toll card, parking tickets, and such. There is also the shape of a box for storing food, drinks, and more. In fact, there is also a large ball in the trunk, to keep the keys, the Jack, and such.

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