5 Best Car Dashboard Camera For Your Car


Do you have a desire to install the camera on the dashboard of a car, can be used as evidence in case of the accident and many more benefits in may, such as accidentally record a meteor that fell from the sky. When interested, of a large number of models only 1 is best for you, and the following 5 most great-quality dashboard cameras for you to choose. The following 5 best car dashboard camera :

Best Car Dashboard Camera

G1w-Feature Video Footage For The Price Of A Cheap Dashboard Camera

G1w has a good video by day, but at night the video quality is not good. And, video footage from these cameras often sway. G1W camera with the integrated screen 2.7 inches, excellent for adjusting the focus of the view and play the video. This model is viewed from the point of view of 120 degrees.

Mini 0801 Ambarella

The design of the Mini 0801 and display feature 1.5 “as a purpose of facilitating the operation. This model has the viewpoint of 135 degrees. GPS and 8 MB internal memory available for optional 120, n thousands for each extra.

One nice feature of this cameras have is that electrical contact to the power supply that is built directly into the camera-mounted, quite practical when you want to disconnect the camera from the car, because it can be pulled off without unplugging the power cable.

DOD LS 300W-Video good quality

DOD LS300W have a very quality video for lunch or in the evening. Night feature in complete WDR combined with a large aperture of F/1.6 as well as high bit rate ‘ 15 Mbps ‘. This made it one of good quality dashboard camera to date.

For the size of the camera is G1W with the 140-degree angle of view in Bawana. Boot up time is quick and the screen is 2.7 “, larger making it easier to watch video on the car. Dash cam LS300W does not have a GPS, but on LS330W the latest version is already equipped with an external GPS unit.

LK-7900-High Recording Capacity

LK-7900 with two advantages: 1st is the first camera that supports 128 GB SDXC memory cards, this allows you to record the video for 28 hours. The 2nd camera this dashboard is able to withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit 194. It is the most appropriate features for 2 who live in hot climates because of another camera easier to melt when the car is in the Sun too long.

By reason of the camera bit rate is lower, then the video quality is not as good as the LK-7900 DOD LS300W, but enough qualified for day and have a value above the average at the time of the evening. The shape and size of the LK-7900 dashboard camera small and round, make it invisible if in pairs on the rear of the car’s rearview mirror.

BlackVue DR550GW-2CH-Full Featured Dual Channel Dashboard Camera

With dual channel means being able to record the front and back. As for the main camera unit remains mounted on the windshield, a small camera in use to look out through the window of a car the back. The two cameras are connected by coaxial cable length.

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