The Best BMW X 3 Model Year 2016 And His Interior


The BMW X 3 is a mid-size SUV crossover made BMW since the year 2003. This car is a car made by BMW to go car market SUV with a smaller size compared to the BMW X 5. Although choosing a smaller size this car apparently more popular than X 5 and have sold over 1.5 million units worldwide. This is a review for BMW X 3 2016 Indonesia.

By using the design of the crossover SUV, the X 3 performed with emphasis on style, which became more sporty and can be used daily. This sporty design is supported by a fairly luxurious interior section and also comfortable to use every day.

The Best BMW X 3 the Model Year 2016

The BMW X 3 is a vehicle designed for various purposes. It is not too big to make it a crossover car of choice for everyday driving.

The Interior of the BMW X 3 2016

Car cabin is quite comfortable with adequate room for the foot and head. For convenience, this car uses a dual-zone AIR CONDITIONING and arrangements for passengers in the second row.

The material used in the car is largely using the skin as well as a very achieves the best build quality. In some areas, we can see the use of chrome black piano to create a luxurious impression of this car.

BMW X 3 dashboard section 2016 Indonesia made very compact by using chrome on a few parts to the impression of luxury car of this car’s entertainment section and settings using the iDrive system is embedded in a part of the dashboard and the button.

Parts of the steering system are already using telescopic and also tilt for the comfort of the driver’s needs. In this section, there are also audio steering switches that can be used to answer the phone or set the audio volume.

The front seats are made with a semi bucket model to enhance the sporty impression of this car. This Chair can be adjusted electrically and adapted to the needs of passengers.

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