Best 4 Wheel Drive SUV to Buy in 2017

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SUV are known as cars that have strong characters in a variety of terrain. But beyond the expected needs, type of Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), is now starting to tend to be close to the identity of the lifestyle. First consumers to know this type of car as a Jeep, which was able to roam on off-road terrain. Any best 4 wheel drive SUV now pleasantly familiar applied as a common choice in urban terrain.

By design, the SUV is now the priority of consumer choice, still, represent the typical character that has long belonged to him. Will look like no kind of the previous Jeep, diverse aspects of the Heartland put forward to form the design of flexible elements, as well as dashing, remains its main characteristic. See best 4 wheel drive SUV car for choice here.

Best 4 Wheel Drive SUV

Best 4 wheel drive SUV 2017 are generally equipped with a sophisticated security system. Compact SUV had the more modest level security system. Compact SUV and mid-size SUVs typically offer four or six-cylinder engine. While the full-size SUV usually brings a powerful V8 engine. Of course the more cylinders, then the volume of the combustion chamber and the greater the fuel consumption anymore. The following is the best 4 wheel drive SUV are increasingly popular in 2017.

1. Jaguar F-Pace
2. Volvo XC90
3. Kia Sorento
4. Mercedes GLC
5. Land Rover Discovery Sport
6. Audi Q7
7. Dacia Duster
8. Porsche Macan
9. Range Rover Sport
10. Hyundai Santa Fe

Basically, an SUV that is circulating in the national market is divided into three categories, namely, compact, mid-size and full-size. Most small SUVs, compact, light, and drive system of the vehicle is not complicated. Maintenance costs and fuel consumption is cheaper. All SUV designed at least for five passengers. Even for mid and full-size exist that offer extra three seats until able to contain eight passengers.