89 Jeep Cherokee Lift Kit and Specifications


89 Jeep Cherokee vehicles synonymous with big tires and a high ground clearance. But through elevating the vehicle you need to take into account the functions and their risks. There basically two principles 89 Jeep Cherokee lift kit for offroad (lift up), lift-up suspension and body lift-up. In this way, the two have much to gain from getting increasingly large tire space, the extent of ground clearance.

The offroad capabilities increased from the start off tough handicap to go into a watery terrain quite deep. The two principles above can be applied each important you’ve got a clear concept, to what’s on the lift-up. Because this way sparingly, so do not let it make us blindly. Any steps were taken, first, if pitman arm, brake hose, shock absorbers and bump stopper needs to join the extended or not. See 89 Jeep Cherokee lift kit here.

89 Jeep Cherokee Lift Kit

The car kind of crossover range of 89 Jeep Cherokee was created capable of crossing roads and streets are broken up to light off-road. Can be seen from the ground clearance and sizes of tires made higher than the sedan. Because of the already available 89 Jeep Cherokee lift kit. Lift kit suspension including the pairs consist of 2 pieces front strut spacers as mountings the front, 2 front strut spacers rear shock mounting kit, 2 a number of bolts and camber.

For installation, the service manager authorized repair shop. This does not need to change or replace the original parts of the car. If still high it means less need for the lift-up kit, a maximum of 50 mm for the body is not too large, if more can be up to 80mm. Don’t forget trunk space under the car (traction bars & lateral bar) also need adjustment.

Body-Lifts. This way is to replace the mounting body of standards, about 30 to 50 mm, if not is also more than that’s good because of the motion of the body and chassis ga compact material mostly polyurethane rubber. only in this way will raise the body, the suspension is not affected at all but will make the vibration damped suspension, because of the rubber between the body and the chassis. Lift-Up Kit. There are many packages elevator up to the offer, depending on your needs, appropriate price and spec required. Always take into account the needs of the field that will pass is the best way.

89 Jeep Cherokee Specs

Jeep Cherokee 4-door 4WD 2.5 L, model years 1989, version for North America US body type 5-door wagon. part-time 4 x 4 (Command-Trac NP231, permanent rear, front involved manually in off-road conditions, shift-on-the-fly), 5-speed manual gearbox. With a displacement of gasoline engines (gasoline): 2464 cm3/150.1 cut, ad power: 90.5 kW/121 hp/123 PS (SAE net), torque: 191 Nm/141 lb-ft characteristics dimensions: outside length: 4200 mm/165.3 in, wheelbase: 101.4 2576 mm/in.

Reference: approximate load empty weight: 1395 kg/3080 lbs. How fast is this car? speed: 160 km/h (99 mph) (theoretical). Acceleration: 0-60 mph 11.4 s; 0-100 km/h 12.2 s; 1/4 MI pull time (402 m) 18.2 s. fuel consumption and mileage: 21 mpg (us), 11.2 l/100 km, 25.2 mpg (imp), 8.9 km/l EPA combined rating; the average estimated by a-c: 12.2 l/100 km/23.1 mpg (imp.)/19.2 mpg (us)/8.2 km/l.

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