2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Seating Capacity 7 And Interior

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Car penetration type of SUV in the world automobile industry is indeed unstoppable again. Share the brand, ranging from Europe to Asia, America repeatedly producing cars with the length of the Sports Utility Unit are massive. Penetration of the market look so intense, Hyundai trying to enliven with me-reboot back it’s flagship SUV that already existed since the beginning of this 2000, Santa Fe.

Cars that have entered the third generation is constantly undergoing renewal in terms of design, the engine up to the features embedded in it.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe seating capacity 7

Santa Fe has a goodly seat padded and comfortable to sit with its users. In the first seat, Santa Fe has the concept of captain seat that can be adjusted to a comfortable space to spacewalk the front passenger and driver. Moving to the second seat, the concept of captain seat back are presented in order to provide the same space with the second seat. While in the third seat, space provided quite a bit since eroded by the space provided on the second seat. So the seat is only suitable for occupancy by children.

While the cargo space, Santa Fe does not have a large enough space to store the goods. Even so, the available space can be maximized by folding the second and third parts of the seat. However, there is obviously when the seat is folded, which is eroding the presence of passengers.


In the section of the dashboard, the Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 Indonesia has enough multimedia panel qualified to meet the needs of infotainment as play music through both digital and analog devices to enable rear parking sensors embedded in the back of the body. As the sound output, there is also six active speaker embedded in various corners of the interior of this car that is ready sound to the rest of the cabin.


From the side of the steering wheel, the steering wheel rim Santa Fe 2017 is already equipped with steering switch control. These features are able to apply various features embedded in the dashboard section. In addition, the steering wheel also embedded already bandaged with quality leather and are already equipped with cruise control. As a compliment, also present a digital speedometer is ready to provide up to date information regarding vehicles ranging from fuel use, distance traveled and more.

The Design Of The Front

On the front, Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 Indonesia has a main light with a fairly elegant narrowed design. The headlamp is also quite wide to the side so as to make it appear to be stout. Do not rely solely on the elegant design, the main light is also equipped with LED technology lighting so that the issued could be maximized. While at the grill, pinned a large air filter cavity and jutted down the line with three coats of chrome. The existence of this grill also makes the front side of the Santa Fe 2017 is quite muscular. Simplicity in the front side appears to only be shown through the hood of the engine that comes with a thin line on either side.